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9-Hole Playing Lessons

Playing Golf on cliffsOur 9-Hole On-Course Playing Lessons have the following advantages:

  • Improve the golfer’s course management skills
  • Encourage better club selection
  • Teach the student how to play uneven lies & trouble/recovery shots
  • The golfer learns to play under pressure & focus on scoring during game conditions

9-Hole Playing Lessons can be done in groups or one-on-one with your Instructor.

Playing Lessons benefit golfers who have some experience on the course.

For new golfers, there is a 1-hour Private Lesson pre-requisite before take an On-Course 9-Hole Playing Lesson. This reveals your level of skill, and your strengths and weaknesses, and prepares the Instructor to conduct an optimum on-course lesson. Playing Lessons for new golfers include orientation lessons—etiquette and some rules—rather than actual play.

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