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Mel Sole’s 3-Day Golf School

During the Mel Sole’s 3-Day Golf School we cover all aspects of your game. Using the latest in computerized teaching equipment we diagnose your golf swing problems and to monitor results. Your personal lessons/drills are provided via email for follow-up practice.

Classes are half-days only.

Choose mornings 9:00 am to 12:30 pm,
or afternoons from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Day 1

We start off inside the golf school with an introduction and discussion between student and instructor on the student’s level of play, amount of play and goals the student would like to accomplish during his/her school. Then, a program developed by a leading sport psychologist on the mental aspects of golf and a personality profile are done. This helps the student understand the learning process and also reveals the learning style of each student. The results of the personality profile enable the instructor to adapt his/her teaching style for each individual. Once that is completed (approx. 45 minutes), the students are taken out and video taped while hitting balls with a 5 iron.

Back inside the viewing room, the instructor reviews the tape with the student to determine which aspects of the full swing they will be working on and why, and how this work will achieve the desired results. Afterward, the students are taken back out to the practice tee and given drills to start them on their course to improvement. The remaining time will be spent working on these drills.

Day 2

Students start off on the practice tee with drills from day one. After an hour of work on the full swing, the instructor will change to either pitching and bunker shots, or chipping and putting. Whichever on these is not done on Day 2 will be done on Day 3. All of these shots are video taped and towards the end of the class the students will return to the viewing room to watch the tape. They’ll observe changes which have taken place and they will see which areas of their swing need further work the following day.

Day 3

Work begins with the woods, then we move to either chipping and putting, or pitching and bunker play. Final viewing is done at the end of the day, questions are encouraged and a practice plan is discussed.

All video assessments for all 3 Day Golf Schools are emailed directly to the student for continued practice.

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