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What is the Key Distance to Practice to become a good putter?

What is the Key Distance to Practice to become a good putter?  The 10-foot putt.  These are the putts that we expect to make but miss them most of the time.  The key here is to work on both line and pace!

How to Practice the 10-foot putt!

Take a couple of tees and place one 12″ past the hole, and another 18″ past the hole.  Place 6 balls (or as many as you wish) and your goal is to hole as many as you can.  To make it interesting, make a game out of it.  You can putt against yourself or against a fellow golfer.  The goal is to to make this drill fun while learning at the same time.  If you hit your putt and leave it short, it is minus 20 points.  If you hole it, 10 points. ( So you have to hole 2 for each one you leave short just to break even.) If the ball finishes past the hole but short of the 12″ tee, it is minus 5 points.  It is still a poor putt as it did not have enough speed to hold it’s the line.  (as the ball loses speed, it is susceptible to the unevenness around the hole) If you finish past the 12″ tee but short of the 18″ tee, no points, this is the perfect pace for all of your putts, and if you finish past the 18″ tee, also minus 5 points.  That putt was too hard, and will leave you a knee-knocker coming back!  This allows you to train yourself to consistently hit your putts past the hole at a speed that is conducive to sinking the most number of these 10-foot putts.

You will never leave your putts short again!

By doing this drill, you will be training your brain to hit the putt with authority and build the confidence to hit a putt firmly enough without the worry of hitting it too far past the hole!  A sure fire way to lower your scores!

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Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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