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Top 20 Changes to the Rules of Golf - Part 1.

Top 20 Changes to the Rules of Golf – Part 1.

Top 20 Changes to the Rules of Golf – Part 1.

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Trying and remembering rules out of a book, particularly the Rules of Golf, is a daunting proposition! However, watching the 20 most important changes and how they will affect your thinking on the course will help your golf game. This video is going to cover the first 5 changes.  The other 15 will be available here.

  1. The first change is to the definition of “a club length.” In the past, this has been the longest club in your bag, including the putter. However, for some long putter users, the putter is much longer than the driver.  So in the future, “a club length” will be the longest club in your bag, excluding the putter!
  2. Rule #7 involves moving a ball during a search.  There is nor no penalty if you accidentally step on your ball or accidentally move your ball.  The rule is now clear.  An accidental move will not incur a penalty, no matter who accidentally moves it.  The ball must be replaced as close as possible to the spot and similar conditions to where it was before it was moved.
  3. The Double Hit!  We have all had a double hit sometime while playing the game we love.  But a really unfair penalty, as it was not intentional.  Now, there is no penalty.  A double hit will only count as one stroke!  Yay!

Two more!

Positioning the club to help alignment. 

       4.  I have always told my students who have a hard time lining up on the golf course, lay the club on the ground in the direction they want to aim, put their feet in place, lift the club, and play the shot.  This is no longer allowed.  If you have trouble getting lined up on the golf course, come and see me, and I will give you something else that will still allow you to line up correctly!

        5.  Alignment help using a caddie or partner.  This does not apply to most Americans, as most of you use a golf cart.  However, some US courses still have caddies, and certainly, there are caddies available in                         Scotland and Ireland. In the past, players could ask their caddie to stand behind them while playing a shot and check that they are aligned correctly.  Rules will no longer allow this.  The player is the only person responsible for their alignment!

So there you have it.  The first 5 of the Top 20 Significant Changes to the 2019 Rules of Golf.  The other 15 will be available here.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Top 20 Changes to the Rules of Golf – Part 1. The rest of the rules are available in the link provided in the text.

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