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The cure for no more hooking!

This months golf tip is about The cure for no more hooking!  Mel Sole, Master Professional and Director of Instruction at the Mel Sole Golf School, located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club, talk about a problem that a lot of advanced golfers have and that is hooking.  The higher handicap golfers tend to slice the ball, but a lot of the lower golfers will tend to hook.  Here is a way taught to Mel by his friend and mentor Phil Ritson.  Phil always used to say “Never let the fingers of the lower hand pass the pad of the upper hand.  This will always ensure that the toe of the club never passes the heel, thus preventing the hook.

The cure for no more hooking!

I would suggest you start this drill with a short iron like a pitching wedge or sand wedge before moving to the longer clubs, just to get the feeling a little easier.

Go to the top of your backswing and stop.  Look at the cupped position of the lower hand.  The object of this drill is to try and keep this cupped position until just after impact. You want to square the clubface more with your body rotation rather than the hands.  This will always ensure that the toe of the clubs lags behind the heel.  If you do it correctly the clubface should be slightly open at impact, so allow for a slight fade in the shot.


This is for the more advanced golfer.  Most high handicap golfers slice.  This action would lead to an increased slice if that’s your problem.  Contact melsolegolf@gmail.com or call 843-237-4993  to book some time with Mel Sole or David Oberding for someone one on one instruction.  The Mel Sole Golf School operates out of Pawleys Plantation in SC and Sea Trail Golf resort in NC.


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