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No more slicing. Guaranteed!

No more slicing.  Guaranteed! 

Hi, I’m Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club.  We also have locations at Sea Trail Resort in Sunset Beach, NC and Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottville, NY.

This month we talk about the dreaded slice. 

Most higher handicaps golfers slice because they have not yet learned that the hands need to rotate through impact.  This is counter-intuitive as most higher handicap golfers think that they must keep the clubface “square” through impact, which is not the case.  Because the swing is an oblique place and not a vertical plane, there has to be some rotation in order to square the clubface at impact.

There are two factors to achieve No more slicing.  Guaranteed!   One, the lead arm needs to be relatively straight throughout the entire 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 swings, and two, the hands and arms need to move in the direction of the target and not around the body!

How to proceed.

Start by teaching yourself that the hands rotate through impact with a few very slow swings. (without a ball)  Do this so slowly that you can see the clubface as it moves through the impact position.  Notice the amount of rotation needed to have the clubface perfectly square through this impact position.  Slowly speed this up until you are making about a 3/4 swing, all the time doing this without a ball.

Now head to the range and start with about a 1/4 swing and see and feel the correct clubface rotation.  Remember, the slower you do this the quicker the body learns.  Slowly switch to a 1/2 swing and then a 3/4 swing.  Once you can hit 15 to 20 shots in the middle of the clubface fairly straight, then (and only then) progress to a full swing.  

Check out the video below to get learn No more slicing.  Guaranteed!   You can thank me later!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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