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Incremental Practice for Learning the Flop Shot!

Incremental Practice for Learning the Flop Shot!

Today is April 2nd, 2018 and we present the April 2018 Monthly Golf Tip.  This month we talk about learning the flop shot.  The flop shot is a high-risk low reward shot for most golfers but really looks spectacular when pulled off correctly.  Just watch Phil Mickelson, he is a genius at these shots.  The only time you should consider this shot is when you have very little green to work with and have an obstacle like a bunker in your way.

Incremental Practice for Learning the Flop Shot.

Incremental practice is learning a skill in small steps.  Start with a very small backswing and when you can hit the short shot successfully, you can then lengthen the backswing slightly.  The key to the flop shot is twofold.  First placing the hands on the club correctly.  You want to open the clubface of your lob wedge and only then do you take your grip.  Second, make sure you use your body rotation to pull the club through and do not swing with the arms with the lower body stationary. 

If you have a high handicap rather practice your pitch, chip and bump and run shots.  These will be much easier for the higher handicaps.  The flop shot can be played by single-digit handicap players.  

Work on this and any other “type” shots on the driving range a lot.  It does not matter whether you hit bad shots.  This is a place to learn, so go out to the range and hit flop shots, low pitch shots, try hitting the bump and run shots from twenty to thirty yards off the green.  Become creative in your thought process.  You might come up with a shot that is unique to your game and will help you lower your scores in the future!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

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