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How to stop the ball with height around the green!

How to stop the ball with height around the green!

How to stop the ball with height around the green!

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School

This is a request from a student of mine from Germany, Rainer Hemmann.  He asked me in our pre-school interview how to get backspin around the green.  His golf course in Germany has very firm greens and soft fringes, so he wants to stop the ball quickly.

Apologies for the slight hum throughout this video.  

How to stop the ball with height around the green!

There is almost no chance of spinning the ball from close unless you have soft greens.  Spin on a golf ball is created with high clubhead speed, which is tough to do when close to the putting surface.  The only way you are going to reduce roll is with height!  You need a lob wedge (60 degrees) and some courage to swing harder than normal!

The Method.

Take your 60-degree lob wedge and open the face.  When doing this, open the face first and then take your grip.  Now take a normal pitching motion and swing a lot harder than normal.  Because you have added loft, the ball will not go as far as a normal pitch.  In the second shot, I hit in this video, I came up too quickly and skulled it slightly, which made the ball go too far.  I corrected that in the next shot by making sure I stayed down through the shot!

This shot takes a little practice to understand exactly how hard to swing to make the ball go the correct distance.  However, once mastered, this shot will save you (and Rainer) many shots around the greens in the future!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – How to stop the ball with height around the green!

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