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How much should you turn your hips through impact - a Lot!

How much should you turn your hips through impact – a Lot!

How much should you turn your hips through impact – a Lot!

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I think most golfers know that there is a direct correlation between hip speed and distance.  The faster you turn your hips through the impact zone, the faster your arms swing through. And consequently, the faster the club comes through. But how do you know how fast, if at all, are your hips turning through impact?  Now you can measure how efficient your hip turn is by using an alignment stick as your teaching aid!

The Technique:

Place an alignment stick through your belt loops with the short end closest to your rear hip.  Sorry ladies, but you are going to have to wear slacks for this to work for you.  Make sure that the short end is just barely sticking out of the loop so as not to catch your hands or arms on the downswing.

Put something like a golf bag directly behind you.  Now go into your address position with your butt directly in front of the golf bag and about 3 feet away.  When you take a practice swing, the alignment stick should hit the golf bag at the end of the swing.  If you cannot get the stick to hit the bag initially, move the bag slightly forward until you can.  As you practice with this, your hip speed is going to increase.  Over time you can move the golf bag further back.

You can now hit golf balls and listen to them when you hear the sound of the stick hitting the golf bag.  Try and make your impact, and the time you hear the stick hit the bag shorter and shorter.  The ultimate goal is to make the stick hit the golf bag before you get to impact.  Play around with the bag’s position in the beginning, as everyone is going to be different.

Check out the really cool overhead view!  Thanks to Jim Maggio, the Grand Strand’s Video Wizard, for bringing his drone to get this interesting view!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – How much should you turn your hips through impact – a Lot!

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