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A Great Golf Teaching Aid in Time for Christmas!

Welcome to our monthly video golf tip, A Great Golf Teaching Aid in Time for Christmas!.  Brought to you by Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master professional at the Mel Sole Golf School, located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.

What a Great Golf Teaching Aid!

As we near Christmas I decided to redo a tip from a blog I did a few months ago where I demonstrated a Golf Teaching Aid called the Swing Coach

This is a Golf Teaching Aid I have been using in my teaching for the last year with great success.

This helps students who struggle with weight shift and body rotation.  This product gives you instant feedback. The ball clips into a plastic “cup” on the face of the club and as you swing centrifugal force will release the ball.  If you cast from the top (as most golfers do) then the ball will strike the ground in front of you.  This indicates that you have used a casting motion.  If your body rotation is too slow, the clubhead will pass the hands.  The clubface will close, and the ball will fly off to the left (for right-handed golfers.) If there is no release through the hitting area the ball will head off to the right.  Only when you move your body rotation and weight shift correctly will the ball sail off down the fairway.

Order Now!

This item usually retails for around $100.  Just for the month of December 2018 if you call 800-624-4653 and mention this monthly golf tip, you will pay $89.95 plus any shipping charges that might apply.  This is a great Christmas gift for the golfer in your family. Call now and we will ship it to any address you desire.  So this is also for someone who lives far away.  We will ship it to arrive the day before Christmas!


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