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Yoga Body Naturals

The Secret Is In the Formula!

When you take the right nutritional supplements in the right combination, you’ll not only feel amazing, but you’ll also experience huge gains in all your golf stretches. The Yoga Body Naturals Stretch formula packs a potent punch, and makes stretching easier and more effective. All ingredients are plant-derived, organic, and chemical free. This formula has the power to boost the immune system, make you look younger, and give you real “inside-out” energy. Yoga Body Naturals’ Stretch is the purest, most-potent formula possible, encapsulated into a natural, vegetable capsule using a special process that involves no fillers and no flow agents.

Check out the formula:

  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) – Powerful antioxidant and healing source of natural sulfur; MSM has been shown to relieve inflammation and reduce recovery time.
  • Triple Green Blend – Organic spirulina, organic chlorella & barely grass juice extract.
  • Ultra-Sorb Vitamin C (ascorbic acid buffered with calcium ascorbate) – Boosts immunity, fights free radicals, and wards off illness, and researchers are now discovering that Vitamin C also plays a key role in regeneration of tissues.
  • Trace Mineral Uptake Enhancers – Cobalt, selenium, magnesium, and zinc play a vital role in dozens of important metabolic processes such as tissue growth, healthy metabolism, and proper water retention.

Plus, Yoga Body Naturals’ Stretch is about 60% cheaper than if you were to go out and buy each ingredient separately.

Just take this one supplement to get all the essential nutrients you need to optimize flexibility, reduce recovery time, and boost energy!

Buy Now! 3-Month Supply of Yoga Body Naturals’ Stretch – Just $97.

Phil Mickelson stretches at the 91st PGA Championship in MN (Aug 14, 2009.)

Phil Mickelson stretches at the 91st PGA Championship in MN (Aug 14, 2009.)

Golfer’s Flexibility Program – FREE!

Do you have 15 minutes every day that you can dedicate to your golf game? That’s all the time commitment needed to double your flexibility in just four weeks.

Flexibility is extremely important for golfers. The shoulders need to turn at least 90 degrees in a golf swing. Stretching exercises can lengthen the muscles and therefore increase your shoulder turn which will definitely generate more club head speed, producing more distance and accuracy (usually with less effort too!)

Learn the secret connection between nutrition and flexibility, and suddenly, your stretching exercises will yield greater gains.

Plus, not only will your golf game improve: flexible people sleep better, suffer from fewer injuries, build lean muscle more easily, and have higher self esteem. You’ll also improve your circulation, travel more comfortably, relieve stress and tension, and improve your coordination.

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