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Power Stance


golf training aidsThe Power Stance is one of the best alignment and swing aids I have come across for a long time. It does several things. As you can see from the design, it has a place for the back foot which is slightly slanted. This is to help golfers who have a tendency to roll over onto the outside of their back foot on the backswing. This is a huge power leak. See my June 2003 golf tip on this, "The Right Shin Post - Another Power Leak!"

The Power Stance helps the right knee to remain "stable".

swing aidThe place for the front foot has a curved "wall" which prevents the front foot from spinning out (the toe of the foot moves towards the target ad you follow through).

The Power Stance also has a ball position indicator to ensure correct ball position at all times!

I cannot tell you how many times I see students playing the ball off the incorrect position. When I correct them the comment is usually "Wow, that feels weird" That's because the student thinks their ball position is correct, but often what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing are two different things. With the Power Stance you will always have the ball in the correct position ? just put the ball opposite the ball position indicator and your eyes will get used to seeing the correct position, so the next time you go to the course your ball position will always be correct!

golf swing aidThe width of the stance is adjustable, so you can use it for woods, irons and short pitch shots.

The Power Stance is also an alignment aid: just point the arrow slightly to the left of your target line and you will get used to aiming correctly all the time! For more about alignment, please see my May 2006 golf tip, "Two ways to better alignment".

For the golfer who is just beginning the Power Stance is a must: you'll develop the correct habits of alignment, ball position, stance width and proper coil on the backswing and stability on the follow through. And you won't regret it!

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