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Golf's Great Equalizer


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Finish your round, then roll the dice to even the odds!

To play, golfers draw and roll dice following a round of golf. (The number of dice thrown is based on individual's score, giving advantage to less skilled golfers.) The numbers shown on the dice indicate holes to be deleted from a golfer's score. The lowest score after each golfer?s net score is calculated is the winner!

Golf's Great Equalizer lets golfers of all skill levels compete equally. It's great for outings and weekend foursomes. Golf leagues and charity tournament organizers can also use the game to determine a winner. This helps events draw more players, since each player feels like they have a chance of winning and is not just contributing the entry fee to a superior player.

Golf's Great Equalizer includes 6 dice, a carrying pouch and rule card.

Makes a great gift!

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