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Swing Gyde


Here's another teaching aid that gets a lot of use at our golf school. The Swing Gyde is designed to keep your swing "on plane" at all times through the swing.

  • Backswing: If you're the type of golfer who has a habit of "laying off" the club on the backswing, then this is the teaching aid for you. The club must work more "upwards" on the backswing in order to keep the club on plane. This unique guide gives you immediate feedback because the "arm" of the Swing Gyde must fit snugly onto your right forearm halfway up the backswing. This ensures the correct position of the club on the backswing.
  • Follow-through: For those of you who slice, hit the ball too high or hit weak shots off to the right, this is the teaching aid for you. The Swing Gyde promotes the correct release of the hands through impact. Slicers and weak hitters typically "scoop" the ball allowing the right hand to work under the left. By allowing the arm of the Swing Gyde to fit snugly on the left forearm just after impact, the right hand has to cross over the left promoting the correct release. This is a cure for a loss of power from the dreaded slice! Finishing with the Swing Gyde correctly on the follow through again promotes the correct follow through position.
Mel Sole's Rating: 4 out of 5

Watch a video of Mel demonstrating the Swing Gyde! 3 Golf Training Aids That Get Rid of Bad Swings

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