Private Lessons

Private lessons are tailored to the individual’s specific skill level and abilities.

mel-teaching3First, we identify the goals of the student and ask how much they play and practice. This tells us how much information to impart. Often, with beginners or high-handicappers, we’ll work on the basics such as grip, stance, aim and posture. More experienced golfers may request to fine-tune a certain aspect of their game that’s giving them trouble.

We perform digital video swing analysis to show the golfer what he/she is doing, and then we prescribe a drill and explain how it will help to correct a problem area. If we feel a certain training aid will provide good feedback, we’ll use it.

We encourage a practice plan, and the student receives a personal lesson/drill video via email, following the lesson.

A private lesson benefits the golfer whose time is limited, and these can be building blocks towards a much improved game, over time.

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