Top 10 Core Exercises for Golfers.

Top 10 Core Exercises for Golfers.

Today is February 9th, 2018 and we present Top 10 Core Exercises for Golfers – Fitness Friday #74.  A Golf Video Blog with Mel Sole, Director of Instruction at the Mel Sole Golf School. Today we have a new host for our Fitness Friday series and talk about core exercises aimed specifically for golfers.  Carolina Romero is Fit Golfer Girl and she shows that Crunches and Sit-ups are not the best things for your core. For this reason, she gives us 10 awesome exercises that will give your core the strength it needs to support your golf swing!

Top 10 Core Exercises for Golfers.

Today we have 1. Regular Planks. 2. Side Planks (harder than they look) 3. Curl-ups. 4. Palloff Presses (you will need a gym for this one) 5. Chops (also in the gym) 6. One Arm Carry 7. Rollouts (I like these) 8. Modified Deadbugs (love the name) 9. Deadbugs (fun) and 10. Stir the Pot  (another fun one)  Additionally, don’t forget to always do both sides of your body with each exercise!

Carolina Romero.

Carolina grew up in Bogota, Colombia where she was a nationally recognized competitive golfer. After attending the University of South Florida on an athletic scholarship for golf, Carolina discovered her passion for health and fitness and as a result, pursued a career in golf and personal training. 

Carolina is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a Functional Aging Specialist (Senior Fitness) with the Functional Aging Institute, as well as a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.

Carolina’s experiences as a high-level competitive golfer, in addition to her knowledge and experience in fitness, can help you take your golf game and health to the next level. Carolina writes and runs the recognized Golf Fitness blog The Fit Golfer Girl. (

Stay tuned as we present Carolina for the next few weeks of Fitness Friday!

Source: Carolina Romero    Fit Golfer Girl    Mel Sole Golf School

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