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Glenn Frey, Gifted Golf Promoter and, oh, musician in a band!

We all know the legacy of music that Glenn Frey left us as singer, composer and guitarist with the famous Eagles band.  And we’ve often seen the golf-loving Frey on TV playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and other celebrity fundraisers.
But who knew that his passion for kids golf would lead him to interrupt guys, like Tiger Woods, practicing at tournaments, and make propositions to them?  Frey would basically say..”Come play in my fundraising tournament and I will play for free at any of your events”.  And they did!
One of Frey’s biggest passions was his sponsorship of Aspen Junior Golf. Read this surprising story of what a multiple Grammy-Award winner did for a generation of young golfers.  Thanks to The Aspen Times and Colorado PGA Pro Rohrbaugh for the article.
R.I.P. to a great friend of golf.

Glenn Frey rocked. On stage and on the golf course.

His music still provides an indelible, enduring soundtrack for generations of us.

But his impact on a generation of young golfers in Aspen left an even more personal, lasting impression.

“Glenn (Frey) gets all the credit,” said Doug Rohrbaugh, the former director of Aspen Junior Golf and now the head pro at Ironbridge Golf Club near Glenwood Springs. “It was the best thing for Aspen Junior Golf. He got heavily involved at a time when we needed it.”

Rohrbaugh, one of Colorado’s most decorated PGA club pros, recalled that Aspen Junior Golf was headed for a major transition when race driver Danny Sullivan moved out of town and ended his sponsorship of a benefit golf tournament for Aspen Junior Golf, an event that set the stage with PGA pros like Greg Norman and a mix of celebrities — local and beyond.

A member of the Aspen Junior Golf board knew Frey, and more importantly, knew of his incredible passion for golf.

With some quick networking, Glenn Frey stepped in to sponsor a benefit golf tournament, not only for Aspen Junior Golf, but for his own local charity, the Aspen Grassroots Experience.

“Golf Kids Hosted by Glenn Frey” was launched with a long and successful run of raising money for two of the Frey family’s Aspen favorites.

And when he signed on, according to Rohrbaugh, he was as relentless as a rock promoter on tour.

“This was a huge deal for him. He had a personal interest,” Rohrbaugh said. “And Cindy, too. Cindy (Frey’s wife) was just as much a part of it. They were always there and every bit involved.”

Simply, Frey recruited stars and golfers with big checkbooks.

“Glenn gets all the credit for getting Tiger Woods to come to Aspen,” Rohrbaugh said of Woods’ still-talked-about golf rounds at the Aspen Junior Golf benefit.

At the height of his golfing glory, Tiger Woods made a pair of visits to Aspen to fulfill a promise he had made to Glenn Frey.

“Tiger was in his prime then. That was a major coup,” Rohrbaugh said. “Everyone wanted a piece of him. But for us, it was huge.”

Woods’ presence alone raised $400,000 in two years for the charities as benefactors bid to play a round with Tiger Woods in Aspen.

Others, too.

To read the rest of this story on Glenn Fry, go here!

Source : Aspen Times   Dale Strode

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