About Mel Sole Golf School

Our mission at Mel Sole Golf School is to be the leader in golf academies, offering top-quality golf instruction at an affordable price. We are committed to providing a learning experience for the individual golfer that results in real and lasting golf improvement. We ensure increased enjoyment of the game for each of our students.

Mel Sole

Mel Sole

Director of Instruction, Owner of the Mel Sole Golf School

  • Mel Sole has been named a “Top Teacher” by GOLF Magazine since 2001.
  • Mel is selected “Best Teachers in your State” by Golf Digest (2009)

After a playing career on the South African PGA Tour, Mel turned his focus to teaching under the tutelage of Phil Ritson back in the 70′s. Phil had been coach to Mel and several other Pros, including the renown Gary Player, who were playing the SA PGA Tour.

Mel found the teaching side of golf to be hugely rewarding, and his coaching of Junior Golf Teams in South Africa produced 2 National Champions and several Junior Champions.

In 1984, Mel moved to Toronto, Canada, where he opened the Canadian Golf Academy, an indoor/outdoor teaching facility.

In 1988 his long-time friend and mentor, Phil Ritson–now based in Florida–invited Mel to head up the Phil Ritson Golf Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC. The golf school relocated to Pawleys Island, SC in 1991 as the Phil Ritson – Mel Sole Golf School, and has had great success at beautiful Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club for 15 years.  The school was renamed Mel Sole Golf School in 2013.

Mel’s diversified roster includes stars in professional sports, CEO’s of major corporations, and many novice golfers of all ages.  Recent students include 2009 US Amateur qualifier Chris Marsh, US Futures Tour player Lorraine Ballerano, and Champions Tour player, the late Harold Henning.  Other notable students of Mel’s over the years include the late Wayne Calloway, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, John Reed, former CEO of CitiCorp, Olympic Gold Medalist Arndt Schmidt of Germany (fencing) World Champion Billiard player & Hall of Famer Ewa Mataya Laurance, the late famed basketball Coach & ESPN Television commentator Jim Valvano and John Saunders, current ESPN Commentator.

His golf instruction book, Golf Step-by-Step, was published by Chrysalis Books in January, 2003 and sells worldwide.  Mel is a teaching editor with Golf Tips Magazine, Coastal Carolina Business Journal and Privilege Magazine in Toronto, Canada. His lessons have also appeared in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf Illustrated.

Membership on the South Carolina Golf Course Ratings Panel reflects Mel’s passion for quality golf in America.

“My teaching philosophy is to keep the swing as simple as possible, and to show the student how to use the big muscles to create power with a minimum of effort. It’s also very important with each lesson that I know how much the student practices and plays golf. That knowledge determines how much information, and the depth of information, I will impart in the lesson.” — Mel Sole

Teaching philosophy shared by Mel Sole and Phil Ritson: These 2 veteran golf instructors believe in teaching each person individually, according to his or her unique physique and capabilities. The golf swing should be kept as simple as possible, and students are taught to utilize the big muscles which create power with a minimum of effort.

“As someone who has been around athletic competition all my life, I can say, without reservation, that Mel Sole is the finest teacher I have come across in any sport.” — Dave Hart, Director of Athletics at Florida State University

“I’ve taken lessons from the most famous players in golf, but nothing beats what I’ve learned from Mel at the Mel Sole Golf School. They’re the best in the world!” — The late Wayne Calloway, former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo

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